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Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team has been active in the merger and acquisition field since 1978.  We are members of the International Business Brokers Association that refers businesses worldwide.  In the last ten (10) years, the firm has been involved in transactions with assets totaling in excess of $100 million, encompasing a broad range of industries.  Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team is aggressive and accurate while paying attention to detail.  Our Team has given seminars on Corporate Valuations for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and has been called as expert witnesses for Real Estate, Tax, Buy-Sell Agreements, and Divorce purposes.  These valuations have been for clients like the Internal Revenue Service and Estates whose business holdings had revenues exceeding $35 million.  We are the only Team in the Dayton area to be a Certified Valuation Analyst by the NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts).  Our Corporate Valuations are extensive in scope and include  interviews with Management and on-site location visits, industry trend research, comparisons with industry average financial statements, as well as 16 separate approaches to value.  Our Corporate Valuations are also tempered by real world transactions drawn from our extensive Brokerage experience.

Our record as Business Intermediaries in the Merger & Acquisition field speaks for itself.  Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team has initiated and completed trasactions in basic manufacturing industries, distribution, retail, and service companies.  We are well aware of financing sources and conditions, price allocations, and especially tax structuring of complex transactions.  We provide detailed projections and personally accompany prospective purchasers to assist them in obtaining financing.

Chris S. Mills - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Finance and a Minor in Accounting from Indiana university.  Business Broker and Real Estate Broker Board Certified by NACVA Board.  Experienced in every aspect of business transaction's.

We are very familiar with the different types of businesses and understand financial statements, business plans, and various projections that are necessary to help our client obtain the highest dollar.                                                           

                                                           WHAT WE BELIEVE

The primary function of the Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team is to utilize our years of experience in order to secure for the seller of a business the best and most appropriate buyer.

The obligation of the Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team is to never compromise our ethical standards and reputation for intergity, earned during the past 38 years, in order to achieve a sale.

The commitment of the Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team is to work tirelessly for the client and to secure the best possible price for the business to be sold.

The promise of the Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team is that the desires and needs of the client will always remain paramount in our minds and guide our constant efforts.


                                 CHRIS  S. MILLS & ASSOCIATES, INC., LLC, TEAM

Since 1985 Chris S. Mills & Associates, LLC., Team, has excelled in helping owners of closely held companies transfer ownership.  this has been accomplished by taking a more aggressive approach, a multi-step process that helps to guarantee a higher rate of success for out clients.

Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team focuses on selling privately held firms or divisions of larger companies.  Because of this, we deeply understand the value in our clients, how to best present the strategic opportunity our clients represent, and negotiate for maximum value and structure with potential partners.

Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team foregoes the "shotgun" approach to finding compatible buyers.  Our controlled marketing process pinpoints a potential buyer, ensuring the confidentiality and achievement of the seller's end goals.

Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team's process allows for a broader, more aggressive partner search utilizing a multi-step team approach.  typically, three people are assigned to each client.  With this team we provide the necessary research, recasting, writing, valuation, and multiple layers of contact necessary in the partnering process. This results in more options, higher valuations, and often multiple offers for the clients.

To assist our clients, Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team has compiled a large database of potential buyers in a wide range of industries.  This insures that we get to more potential buyers for our clients with a better chance of response.  Whether you're planning for your retirement, your estate, or just desire increased liquidity or recapitalization, Chris S. Mills & Associates, Inc., Team can help you.  The success of our approach is evident from the enclosed sampling of completed transactions.


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